About Concrete Resurfacing

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About Concrete Resurfacing – Everything you need to know

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces around and that’s why it’s a common construction material in both commercial and residential applications. It’s designed to last for many years, but eventually just like most materials, it does wear. When that happens there are two main options – to replace it or resurface it. Resurfacing may not be the first choice that comes to mind, but it can be a much more economical solution. Before you can determine if it’s the right choice for you, here’s everything you need to know about concrete resurfacing.

Firstly, what is concrete resurfacing?

The idea behind concrete resurfacing is fairly straightforward. Instead of replacing old and worn concrete, it can be repaired with a thin layer of new concrete. This gives an area a completely new and fresh look. There are specialised concrete formulas for this purpose that are designed to bond well with an existing concrete surface.

Before the resurfacing can begin, there are a few steps that should be followed – the old surface has to be pressure cleaned, etched, cracks have to be repaired and a primer should be applied, then concrete resurfacing can begin.  

How long does concrete resurfacing last?

Resurfacing concrete wouldn’t be a popular choice if it was just a short term fix. Fortunately, it isn’t. When the process above is followed closely, the newly repaired zone can extend the life of a surface for many years. The exact time frame may vary, but 10 to 15 years is a pretty standard estimate.

What types of concrete can be resurfaced?

There aren’t many limits as to where concrete resurfacing techniques can be applied. This popular method can be used on driveways, walkways, entrances, patios and pool surrounds. The only major limitations are based on the condition of the concrete surface in question. If there are too many significant cracks or if the concrete is unstable or heaving, you may have to rule resurfacing out as an option.

What are the options for resurfacing concrete?

The most common type of concrete resurfacing has always been the standard grey coating, which does give a rejuvenated appearance. However, concrete resurfacing hasn’t been left behind in new advances. More creative options can include: – coloured sealing, spray on coatings, patterning and epoxy. All of these can breathe new and exciting life into an old space.

Are there any restrictions with concrete resurfacing?

It’s not always possible to resurface existing concrete. We’ve already looked at some problems that can get in the way such as: – extreme cracking, concrete that’s heaving and an unstable subsurface.

The Coating Company have been improving residential, commercial and industrial properties all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW for 10+ years. When someone wants high quality, efficient concrete resurfacing done, they call on our experts. Simply call us on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

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Different Types of Concrete Flooring

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

What Everybody Ought to Know

Most people think of concrete as a practical, but uninspiring flooring material. Large hardware stores are a great example, they’re known for their essential concrete flooring. It’s practical, but not aesthetically appealing to the eye. It turns out concrete’s been getting a bad reputation for years that’s entirely undeserved. Concrete is actually a versatile flooring material that can add a great deal of value to any space.

Here’s a quick look at some of the different options available on the market today.

Standard Epoxy

Standard epoxy flooring is functional and versatile. Epoxy is a practical surface usually found in industrial / commercial settings and very much in residential garages. Its high resistance to corrosive chemicals and quick-drying properties make it a perfect fit. They’re designed to withstand impacts better and they’re also made to be slip-resistant. Made of resin and hardeners, epoxy flooring, when installed correctly, will not to lift or peel under your cars tires.

It’s created by applying three different layers to give it a practical finish. The first layer is a primer, followed by a body coat and a finish coat. The end result – a stylish, durable and inexpensive solution for your floors.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

Natural Stone Epoxy

This exciting new combination captures the beauty of a natural polished concrete look. It’s the first time (other than metallics) that the epoxy flake blends have changed at all in 20 years. It simply has new blends of flake that give the appearance of natural stone (no actual stone in it) for a fantastic finished look! This is the new favourite for many homeowners.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

Metallic Epoxy

For another distinctive look, you may want to opt for a metallic epoxy finish. When the concrete is finished, a metallic pigment is added to the surface, this typically results in matchless swirls and patterns. The outcome is appealing to the eye and popular in contemporary homes today. A great thing about using metallic epoxy is that every project always turns out unique. You’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind floor when you’re done. Additionally, this being a great selling feature when the time comes.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

Overlays & Stamped Concrete

Overlays and stamped concrete are more common on exterior concrete surfaces. Whether you’re wanting a marbled look, a flagstone appearance or even be made to look like cobblestone or tiles, it can be done with concrete resurfacing. There are so many different options which are ideal for patio and pool surrounds, courtyards, driveways, pathways and entries.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring

To get a fresh look for the floors at your property, contact the flooring experts at The Coating Company today on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote. We’ve been improving places on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW for years.

Different Types of Concrete Flooring | The Coating Company

Best Concrete Resurfacing Service

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Best Concrete Resurfacing Service

Tips for choosing the best concrete resurfacing service

When you’re choosing a home service provider like a concrete resurfacing company, it can be nerve wracking. You’re about to spend money for something that your home needs and you want to be sure that you’re hiring someone you can trust to do a good job. The key to picking the best concrete resurfacing service is to do your homework. Use these tips to make sure that you are hiring the best there is!Best Concrete Resurfacing Service

Trust your gut

You should always call several businesses before picking one. Is the person on the other end of the phone polite and well-informed? Do they seem bothered by your questions? Is there a hard sell or annoying sales pitch, or do they seem generally interested in helping you? If you’re not getting a good feel, don’t go with them, simple!

Minimum of 3 quotes

The size and scope of the resurfacing work that you need done will have a big impact on the price of the job. That’s why you should always get estimates from at least 3 different concrete resurfacing providers. This many quotes should provide you with a price range that is fair. Also, when you are getting estimates and prices always ask if cleanup or other services are included. Are there any additional material fees, and if there are any other extra costs? The price they give you should include all these things. Some places will try and tack on fees later when the job is finished. Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes that includes the price of all fees up front.

Best Concrete Resurfacing Service

Check online reviews

Another good source for choosing the best company for the job is other homeowners. You can look online for the highest rated concrete resurfacing services in your area. You could talk to other people in your neighbourhood to ask for recommendations. Word of mouth is always ideal if you know and trust the person! Your homeowner’s association (HOA) might have a list of preferred providers and offer a discount if you use someone on their list. When you are checking online reviews, whether it be on Google or Facebook, look for ones that mention – whether or not the job was done on time, if there were any problems with the work, and whether the reviewer would hire them again.

Here are just a few tips for choosing the best concrete resurfacing provider in your area. If your concrete, tiles or natural stone need a fresh look, contact the concrete experts – The Coating Company for a free quote on 0499 852 473. We’ve been improving properties all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW for years.

Concrete vs Tiles

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Concrete vs Tiles

Concrete vs Tiles 

Why concrete resurfacing is winning friends over tiling


As any regular viewers of The Block will confirm, deciding on a flooring option is a big decision. As your concrete or tiled floor is potentially going to be with you for a long time. Therefore, making a sound choice is critical.

Your option of flooring also carries practical and cost implications. Although other selections exist such as: timber and laminate flooring, if you are after a certain look and feel underfoot, your decision will inevitably boil down to concrete or tiles. Both come with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. When selecting a floor finish, always take into consideration durability, water resistance, and slip resistance.

Concrete vs Tiles

Concrete is very versatile

Concrete resurfacing has come a long way from its roots as an industrial finish. The once ubiquitous drab grey slab, which formed the foundation for a final layer of carpet or tiles, has been replaced by a chic post-industrial scheme of decorative colours and accents. This daring new treatment has transformed the once ugly duckling of our flooring world, into a confident showroom darling, happy to strut its stuff.

Concrete’s versatility comes to the fore when one explores the sheer breadth of treatments available today on the market. From stencils and stamping through to dyes and colourants. Stencils and stamping can imbue a concrete floor’s substrate with a huge range of effects, from hinting at texture with variations on slate and natural stone effects, to simulating the look of traditional brickwork or paving.

Today’s concreters can also treat concrete with dyes, epoxy coatings and stains to create a broad palette of patterns, textures, hues and colour effects.

Concrete is practical

In today’s demanding design-led environment, whichever flooring material you opt for must work harmoniously with the zone it is laid. If you are flooring around the pool, slip resistance will be one of your top priorities. Moreover, slip resistance can be very much dependent on your choice of surface coating. This can also be reflected in your overall flooring cost.

Concrete vs Tiles

Tiles are classic

Traditionally, tiled floors have been one of the main flooring materials of choice. Their enduring popularity comes from their wide range of colour choices, shapes and sizes. This extensive depth and breadth of selection give designers and home renovators considerable flexibility in their design solutions in meeting the demands of a variety of applications and situations.

The two key types of floor tiles are ceramic and stone. Naturally, each has its individual characteristics, depending on where they’re laid. Ceramic, clay-based tiles are extremely hard-wearing, versatile and durable thanks to their non-porous finish. These features have underpinned their popularity for kitchens and bathrooms.

Advances in contemporary production methods have also expanded the colour palette, making coordinating design themes and matching colours a breeze. Stone tiles are similarly heavy-duty and sturdy, albeit at a considerably higher cost. However, many people find the aesthetic appeal and intrinsic textures of stone hard to go past.

The main downside of opting for tiles is their continual maintenance of the grouting demands. This is especially so in damp, moist environments such as kitchens, bathroom and pool surrounds where mould can be an ongoing problem. Tiles are also prone to cracking and chipping and may need to be replaced.

Natural stone tiles can also be eye-wateringly expensive, particularly if you need to cover a large area.

Final observation

At the end of the day, how you view the look and feel of both resurfaced concrete and tiles, comes down to personal preference. In recent years, concrete has certainly closed the gap thanks to its new range of eye-catching colours, styles and finishes, combining its well-established durability. Tiles, especially those with exposed grouting, also need regular cleaning and periodic maintenance.

If you’ve decided on either a concrete resurfaced or epoxy floor surface, call the concrete experts at The Coating Company today on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote. Whether it is a driveway, a patio or pool surrounds, we have the perfect solution to give the area a fresh new look and ensure its sturdiness. We’ve been improving properties all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor

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Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor

5 Benefits of sealing your concrete floor, natural stone and pavers

There’s always one house on the block that stands out. You know that house with the amazing lawn, perfect walkways and beautiful driveway? We’re not going to touch on how to turn your grass into the envy of the street, but we are going to let you in on the secret to making your concrete, natural stone and pavers look great all year round. Then it’ll be your house that starts to turn heads.

So, what’s the secret? A quality sealer can help with that.

Here are 5 benefits of using a floor sealer:

Shiny new look

A sealer can make your surface look shiny and new, if that’s your desired look. It can certainly change the appearance of your concrete, natural stone and pavers.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor

Prevent fading

Eventually, brickwork and concrete does fade. That beautiful red colour you paid for, can soon turn into a dull orange without the proper treatment and care. This has a lot to do with the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The constant bombardment from up above will fade the colour over time. The good news is that there’s something you can do to prevent it from happening – a surface sealer. A good sealer will create a barrier between the surface and the harmful effects of the sun. Applying a quality sealer will ensure your walkways, driveway, patio areas and pool surrounds will keep their fresh look for years to come.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor


No stains

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, there’s a good chance oil will wind up on your driveway at some point. Caked in oil and grease will make your driveway standout for all of the wrong reasons. Once oil works its way below the surface, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. In this case, an ounce of prevention really does go a long way. A sealer creates a blockade that prevents the oil from getting under the surface in the first place – that makes it simple enough to clean off before any permanent damage can happen.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor


Repels water

The same principle that stops oil from getting underneath the surface also applies to water. That barricade that the sealer produces will prevent water from seeping into the pores of your concrete, natural stone and pavers. If water gets beneath concrete slabs and tries to escape, the coating will lose adhesion. It can then get distorted, peel, cause air bubbles and simply deteriorate.

Benefits Of Sealing Your Concrete Floor

Protection from chemical erosion

There are many things can damage hard surfaces. We’ve talked about some already such as oil, grease and water. There are also many chemicals and cleaners that can harm your surfaces as well. A sealer can form an effective protection against chemical destruction also.

If you have concrete, natural stone or pavers you’re proud of, applying a sealer is a great way to keep their appealing look for so much longer.

Our clear & coloured sealers at The Coating Company are UV stable and weatherproof to give your concrete, natural stone and pavers the best possible protection against the harsh Australian weather. Give your surface a well-deserved makeover! We will leave your surface looking better than new with a long-lasting protection, increased cleanability, and the design of your choosing. Call us today for a FREE quote – 0499 852 473.

Ultimate Modern Look At Home

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Ultimate Modern Look At Home

The ultimate modern look at home

Are you redecorating at home? You have many decisions to make. Do you want to give it a complete overhaul and restyle, or just change the flooring?  If so, do you intend to replace your old carpet or tiles? Have you ever thought of ripping out your old flooring and having a concrete floor instead?

Concrete flooring is set to become a popular new trend. Not long ago, no one would have even dreamed how popular concrete floors would be these days. It would have been thought inconceivable to leave the cement floors of your house slab uncovered by carpet, vinyl or tiles. Of course, we are not talking about having bare cement floors at your home. Concrete floors have a place in any room of your home, but here we will be particularly considering concrete floors for your driveway, patio, or pool surrounds. These days concrete floors are considered modern, sleek and stylish, and there is a myriad of ways you can transform concrete to provide the ultimate modern look.

How to decorate concrete floors 

Your cement floor can be polished, painted, acid- stained, stamped or resurfaced with any design, texture or colour you can imagine. Concrete paint is available in a large variety of epoxy latex paints. You can paint in a solid colour or decorate with any design you choose. If your floor isn’t in good condition, it would be best to resurface with a cement overlay which can then be decorated in various patterns, or polished into a smooth finish.


Ultimate Modern Look At Home

The benefits of concrete flooring

A concrete floor is extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do to keep it in tip-top condition is to mop it occasionally, using water and a detergent.

Concrete floors are exceedingly tough and will be difficult to damage even with the heaviest use. It isn’t susceptible to damage from dragging furniture, scuffing from shoes or scratching from pet’s claws. Even if you dropped something heavy, it wouldn’t crack easily. Just don’t bring your jackhammer into the living room, as there is a limit to what it can withstand without being damaged.

As your concrete floor will last indefinitely, or as long as your house is standing, you will save a lot of money on replacing tiles etc every few years or whenever they need replacing. 

In the past, concrete was overlooked as a potential flooring choice for many areas of a home, as it was thought to be suitable for merely functional rooms such as the garage. But concrete can be transformed into a thing of beauty and elegance to give you the ultimate modern look your property deserves.

If reading this has peeked your interest in concrete flooring, contact the concrete resurfacing experts at The Coating Company today on 0499 852 473 for a free quote. We specialise in driveways, patios and pool surrounds. Resurfacing will improve the quality of life at your property – and we also aim to put a smile on your face when you see the end result!


Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

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Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

5 Best benefits of epoxy flooring

Floors are something most of us take for granted. They’re there, they serve a practical purpose, but we rarely pay attention to them. At least we don’t until they start to ware. We must use them every day, we just don’t give it a second thought. Once the wear and tear starts, we can’t help but notice. Replacing your floor can be an expensive job, but there are some affordable resurfacing options. An old floor can be transformed with the right resurfacing choice. One great option is epoxy flooring.

Here are 5 benefits of epoxy flooring.

  1. Strength & durability

Once the epoxy has been applied, it doesn’t take long to set. In 24 hours, you can walk on the floor, and within 48 hours you can drive a car on it. Once the set time has clicked over, these new epoxy floors will be super strong and impact resistant. That makes it the ideal surface for industrial settings. It’s used on driveways, walkways, as well as industrial and residential garages.

  1. Resistant to damage

Concrete floors can become pitted over time. This is a common issue for floors regularly exposed to corrosive materials. That can be avoided with an epoxy applied before the surface wares down. These floors are highly resistant to damage. In turn, has made it an extremely popular choice on warehouse floors where flooring is subjected to bumps and knocks.

 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

  1. Long lasting

Most flooring will hold up against some abuse, but that doesn’t last long. Within a few months they start to break down. An epoxy coating fills in the little imperfections in your floor. It creates a solid surface that stands up to the test of time. You won’t have to reapply a new coating every year. It will easily last 2 or 3 years between applications, depending on floor traffic.

  1. Mix it up with patterns

Some people are happy with a plain surface, but for the rest of us, a little personality is a good thing. With an epoxy floor, you can choose from an array of different patterns.  Options include: swirls, checkers, offsetting colors and geometric shapes. These patterns turn a normal floor into a talking point that catches every visitor’s attention.  Different patterns can also be applied to different sections of a building depending on its use.

  1. Different color options

There are many options you can choose from when you decide to go with an epoxy floor. Sure, you can stay with a plain grey colour, but why not mix things up a bit. Bright colors such as yellow and light blue can brighten the mood of employees and visitors. Why not think outside the box.

Flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought. The right floor adds appeal and it can save a business money over the long term. Yes, they are a practical item, but we spend most of our time using them. There’s probably no other part of a building that gets as much work as the floor. It makes sense to choose one that will last a long time and brighten the surroundings.

No need to spend time and effort on removing your tiles or getting rid of your existing flooring: The Coating Company can work our magic with epoxy flooring on any type of floor! Call us today on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote.


Best Floors For Your Home

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Best Floors For Your Home

Hands Down – The best floors for your home

If your flooring is looking a little tired, perhaps it’s time to renovate. When deciding what type of flooring to install at your home, there are enough different possibilities to make your head spin. That means you’ll have to make some decisions as to what types of new flooring would make the best floors for your property. You could choose carpet, tiles, vinyl or floating timber to name a few options. These are among the first choices most people think of. However, have you ever thought of concrete resurfacing or epoxy coating for replacing all or some of your floor coverings? This is extremely suitable for outdoors around your pool, patio or your driveway.


Best Floors For Your Home

Concrete resurfacing

If your concrete floor has minor wear from continual use over time, it is possible to resurface it, so it doesn’t have to be completely removed and replaced. Considering the cost for every type of flooring, you’ll find that resurfacing your concrete floor to be very cost effective because of this. It is obviously quicker than replacing the concrete so that you can have a new floor in a fraction of the time. Please keep in mind that concrete resurfacing is not a suitable option for concrete that is highly damaged with cracks or gouges as the resurfacing cover only goes to a depth of around 1.27 centimetres.

First, the minor holes and cracks are fixed with a repair material. Then the concrete is resurfaced with a combination of thin cement overlay and a bonding agent. This mixture is then put on top of the existing cement floor to form a smooth, durable new surface. If a smooth plain appearance doesn’t appeal to you, there are a plethora of decorative finishes that can be applied. You can choose from different colours, textures and patterns which will add character and beauty to your floor. Select from mosaic, tile, wood, slate, acid staining or stone-like patterns.


Best Floors For Your Home

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy resin coating is suitable not only for industrial and commercial buildings, but it is also perfect for your garage. Epoxy is at home as it is in any commercial building. It is one of the most durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean floor coverings available. When placed on new concrete it will protect it from stains, grease and the possibility of cracking.

What exactly is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is made up of resins mixed with hardeners that form a hard-plastic material by a process of chemical reaction. The epoxy coating provides a seamless, smooth finish available in a seemingly endless array of colours, designs and textures to give your home a very modern and stylish look.

If you aren’t experienced in either concrete resurfacing or epoxy finishing, it is best to contact the experts at The Coating Company on 0499 852 473 with any questions and for a FREE quote.

Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing

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Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing

4 Benefits of concrete resurfacing your floor

Overtime concrete floors lose their appeal. They can become cracked and pitted, which can be extremely hazardous. Furthermore, replacing a concrete floor can be expensive. Luckily, there is another option – concrete resurfacing. This way, your floors surface can restore its natural beauty.

Here are 4 benefits of resurfacing your concrete floors:

It’s economical

Completely replacing a concrete floor is expensive and unnecessary. With a little research finding a quality concrete resurfacing company, the average homeowner can save BIG bucks. Then, that extra cash can be used to add value to your home in other ways. Otherwise, treating the family to a vacation is always a winner too. You can probably think of a few other ways to spend your newfound riches.

So many options

One of the great things about concrete resurfacing is that there are so many different options to choose from. You can spice your floors up with different colours, patterns or a combination of both. For ideas, you can do a quick internet search, or ask a professional concrete resurfacer what they think.

Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing

A safer surface

Resurfacing isn’t just a good idea because it will look great, it will also make your floors safer to walk on. When concrete’s full of pits and cracks, the chances of someone tripping on it are high. Making your floors safer for family and friends should be a big enough reason to resurface your floors.

Curb appeal

Having thoughts of selling your home? If a potential buyer gets a glimpse of your cracked and worn out concrete, it could be a deal breaker. The inexpensive process of resurfacing your concrete floors can add a lot of value to your home. In turn, letting you walk away with more money!

Being one of the cheapest options available for floors, having so many different colors and designs to choose from, why wouldn’t you choose concrete resurfacing to bring new life to your old floors? Once it’s done, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!

When replacement of your floors can be avoided, we genuinely believe that resurfacing concrete floors is the best option for any property. Whether it be a driveway, patio, or pool surrounds, The Coating Company have the perfect solution to give the area a fresh new look and ensure its sturdiness. Call us today on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote!

Concrete Resurfacing vs Tiling

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Concrete resurfacing vs tiling

Concrete resurfacing vs tiling – The pros and cons

Whether you are building a new floor or renovating an existing one, selecting the right material for your floors is absolutely essential. Concrete resurfacing or tiling – that is the question. The choice of flooring will set the atmosphere for the whole room as well as a new maintenance routine. It is therefore important to know the features of both types of flooring so that you can make an informed decision.


While tiling has been a long time favourite, concrete is starting to shift the balance. Used for foundations for decades, architects have recently brought concrete inside our homes for a sleek and modern look. Do not be mistaken though, as concrete can look very different from the grey slab you might be used to!

Tiling indeed does not have the monopoly on versatility – the endless colours, styles and finishes tiling offers are also available for concrete. Whether you are thinking marble, terracotta, wood or slate, the only limit is your imagination. With staining and stamping techniques, a concrete floor can even look like… tiles!


Tiles and concrete require regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners. The smooth surface of concrete will make it slightly easier to clean than tiles, where dirt can get stuck in grout.

In the long term, concrete is also lower maintenance. While you might need to clean and possibly regrout tiles, concrete floors will keep looking brand new for much longer. 

Concrete Resurfacing vs Tiling


While both materials are durable and have a good resistance to shock, tiles are more susceptible to chip and crack, having to be replaced. Foot traffic, heavy impacts, weather conditions and natural wear and tear will leave more marks on tiles than on concrete.

Tiling and concrete can be used inside or outside the home, even in wet areas such as pool surrounds and bathrooms. They can both be slip-resistant: a special coating for concrete will do the trick, and certain tiles have a non-slip feature. Tiles however, may require a lot of maintenance in a wet setting as water can infiltrate through the grout.

On the other hand, smooth concrete surfaces can be made water resistant and will certainly keep mould at bay. Concrete has therefore a greater durability outdoors and in moist environments.


As we all know, tiles are usually cold to the touch. Depending on the type of tiles, they can also feel rough or grainy. In short, tiles are pretty uncomfortable for bare feet (or baby’s bare hands!). Concrete to the contrary, offers a very smooth surface which is a lot warmer to the touch than ceramic. Concrete surfaces also heat in the sun, heating a room in a house perfectly for winter. You’d think a heater was on!

Costs and application

Concrete being a very cheap material, it can be a cost-effective solution as long as you do not choose a complicated style or finish. Tiles are usually slightly (to a lot) more expensive. The very attractive feature of concrete resurfacing is that it can be applied on top of existing floors, requiring less effort and making it more time-efficient and cost-effective.


Even though this is something you might not think about now, considering the options for the future could be relevant (for example, when you get tired of your existing floors and want a brand new design). With tiling, one needs to take off the tiles, find a way to get rid of them and then relevel the floors before even thinking of a new floor. In contrast, you can easily apply a new coating of concrete on top of the current tiles, stone or concrete.

Are you ready to choose between tiling and concrete resurfacing? Both options offer a wide variety of designs for the perfect fit in your home. While both products are pretty similar in certain ways, concrete resurfacing has the edge on application, comfort, maintenance and durability.

The Coating Company has 10+ years resurfacing experience with residential, commercial and body corporate properties. If you’re on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Northern NSW, call the concrete resurfacing experts today on 0499 852 473 for a free quote.