Clear and Colour Sealing

Clear and Colour Sealing Gold Coast


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You most probably have invested a lot of money in building the outside areas of your home - and this investment deserves the best possible protection.

Concrete is a porous material which produces dust particles but also absorbs any liquid that comes to its surface. Humidity and infiltration can damage unsealed concrete and any product that comes into contact with it might stain. Sealing is therefore necessary to prevent your surface from wearing away too quickly. It will also keep dust from covering your surface and chemicals such as cleaning products, oil or fertilisers from staining. Your surface will also be a lot easier to clean.

Our sealers are UV stable and weatherproof to give your concrete, natural stone and pavers the best possible protection against the harsh Australian weather.


Using a sealer on your surface will increase its longevity. Our sealers can last for up to 10 years depending on the surface, the weather conditions, foot traffic and the cleaning products you use. While it is best to use a sealer soon after a surface has been laid, we can give a brand-new look to any type of coating.


Last but not least, sealing will improve the look of your concrete or natural stone dramatically. No more dull or faded-looking floors: our sealers will bring out the colours in your surface and brighten the whole area.

You can choose from a hard wearing clear coat to keep the natural aspect of your pavers or concrete, or even change things up with a new colour sealer. Unlike most paving paints, our sealers do not peel and offer a long-lasting protection. Your outdoor areas will be rejuvenated!

Give your surface a well-deserved makeover! We will leave your surface looking better than new with a long-lasting protection, increased cleanability, and the design of your choosing.

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Clear and colour sealing Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW

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