Concrete vs Tiles

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Concrete vs Tiles

Concrete vs Tiles 

Why concrete resurfacing is winning friends over tiling


As any regular viewers of The Block will confirm, deciding on a flooring option is a big decision. As your concrete or tiled floor is potentially going to be with you for a long time. Therefore, making a sound choice is critical.

Your option of flooring also carries practical and cost implications. Although other selections exist such as: timber and laminate flooring, if you are after a certain look and feel underfoot, your decision will inevitably boil down to concrete or tiles. Both come with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. When selecting a floor finish, always take into consideration durability, water resistance, and slip resistance.

Concrete vs Tiles

Concrete is very versatile

Concrete resurfacing has come a long way from its roots as an industrial finish. The once ubiquitous drab grey slab, which formed the foundation for a final layer of carpet or tiles, has been replaced by a chic post-industrial scheme of decorative colours and accents. This daring new treatment has transformed the once ugly duckling of our flooring world, into a confident showroom darling, happy to strut its stuff.

Concrete’s versatility comes to the fore when one explores the sheer breadth of treatments available today on the market. From stencils and stamping through to dyes and colourants. Stencils and stamping can imbue a concrete floor’s substrate with a huge range of effects, from hinting at texture with variations on slate and natural stone effects, to simulating the look of traditional brickwork or paving.

Today’s concreters can also treat concrete with dyes, epoxy coatings and stains to create a broad palette of patterns, textures, hues and colour effects.

Concrete is practical

In today’s demanding design-led environment, whichever flooring material you opt for must work harmoniously with the zone it is laid. If you are flooring around the pool, slip resistance will be one of your top priorities. Moreover, slip resistance can be very much dependent on your choice of surface coating. This can also be reflected in your overall flooring cost.

Concrete vs Tiles

Tiles are classic

Traditionally, tiled floors have been one of the main flooring materials of choice. Their enduring popularity comes from their wide range of colour choices, shapes and sizes. This extensive depth and breadth of selection give designers and home renovators considerable flexibility in their design solutions in meeting the demands of a variety of applications and situations.

The two key types of floor tiles are ceramic and stone. Naturally, each has its individual characteristics, depending on where they’re laid. Ceramic, clay-based tiles are extremely hard-wearing, versatile and durable thanks to their non-porous finish. These features have underpinned their popularity for kitchens and bathrooms.

Advances in contemporary production methods have also expanded the colour palette, making coordinating design themes and matching colours a breeze. Stone tiles are similarly heavy-duty and sturdy, albeit at a considerably higher cost. However, many people find the aesthetic appeal and intrinsic textures of stone hard to go past.

The main downside of opting for tiles is their continual maintenance of the grouting demands. This is especially so in damp, moist environments such as kitchens, bathroom and pool surrounds where mould can be an ongoing problem. Tiles are also prone to cracking and chipping and may need to be replaced.

Natural stone tiles can also be eye-wateringly expensive, particularly if you need to cover a large area.

Final observation

At the end of the day, how you view the look and feel of both resurfaced concrete and tiles, comes down to personal preference. In recent years, concrete has certainly closed the gap thanks to its new range of eye-catching colours, styles and finishes, combining its well-established durability. Tiles, especially those with exposed grouting, also need regular cleaning and periodic maintenance.

If you’ve decided on either a concrete resurfaced or epoxy floor surface, call the concrete experts at The Coating Company today on 0499 852 473 for a FREE quote. Whether it is a driveway, a patio or pool surrounds, we have the perfect solution to give the area a fresh new look and ensure its sturdiness. We’ve been improving properties all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern NSW.