(FAQ) ~ Frequently Asked Questions



Below we have answered the top FAQ’s on the net about concrete resurfacing:

1 – What does concrete resurfacing cost on the Gold Coast?

Concrete resurfacing pricings vary considerably based on what the existing surface is and the type of coating you’re wanting. Plain concrete is the easiest and therefore the cheapest to resurface, starting from around $45m2 for concrete based coatings. Often there is already a coating on the existing surface which needs to be removed with diamond grinding which adds to the total cost. Epoxy coatings start from around $55m2.

2 – Can old concrete be resurfaced?

Yes, we spend the majority of our time resurfacing old and worn concrete, giving it a fresh look and feel.

3 – Does concrete resurfacing really work?

Yes, concrete resurfacing brings your old concrete back to life with modern colours and designs. The Coating Company use coatings that are guaranteed for at least 5 years, but if you look after it, the coatings can easily last 20+ years.

4 – Is it better to resurface or replace concrete?

This depends on the condition of the concrete, but in most cases it’s much better to resurface. It’s normally at least double the cost to replace concrete than it is to resurface it.  The only time we recommend to replacing the concrete is if it is so severely cracked that it can’t be repaired with our crack repair process.  

Concrete resurfacing, when done by a professional, will improve the quality of life around your house – and we also aim to put a smile on your face when you see the end result!

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