Concrete Resurfacing vs Tiling

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Concrete resurfacing vs tiling

Concrete resurfacing vs tiling – The pros and cons

Whether you are building a new floor or renovating an existing one, selecting the right material for your floors is absolutely essential. Concrete resurfacing or tiling – that is the question. The choice of flooring will set the atmosphere for the whole room as well as a new maintenance routine. It is therefore important to know the features of both types of flooring so that you can make an informed decision.


While tiling has been a long time favourite, concrete is starting to shift the balance. Used for foundations for decades, architects have recently brought concrete inside our homes for a sleek and modern look. Do not be mistaken though, as concrete can look very different from the grey slab you might be used to!

Tiling indeed does not have the monopoly on versatility – the endless colours, styles and finishes tiling offers are also available for concrete. Whether you are thinking marble, terracotta, wood or slate, the only limit is your imagination. With staining and stamping techniques, a concrete floor can even look like… tiles!


Tiles and concrete require regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners. The smooth surface of concrete will make it slightly easier to clean than tiles, where dirt can get stuck in grout.

In the long term, concrete is also lower maintenance. While you might need to clean and possibly regrout tiles, concrete floors will keep looking brand new for much longer. 

Concrete Resurfacing vs Tiling


While both materials are durable and have a good resistance to shock, tiles are more susceptible to chip and crack, having to be replaced. Foot traffic, heavy impacts, weather conditions and natural wear and tear will leave more marks on tiles than on concrete.

Tiling and concrete can be used inside or outside the home, even in wet areas such as pool surrounds and bathrooms. They can both be slip-resistant: a special coating for concrete will do the trick, and certain tiles have a non-slip feature. Tiles however, may require a lot of maintenance in a wet setting as water can infiltrate through the grout.

On the other hand, smooth concrete surfaces can be made water resistant and will certainly keep mould at bay. Concrete has therefore a greater durability outdoors and in moist environments.


As we all know, tiles are usually cold to the touch. Depending on the type of tiles, they can also feel rough or grainy. In short, tiles are pretty uncomfortable for bare feet (or baby’s bare hands!). Concrete to the contrary, offers a very smooth surface which is a lot warmer to the touch than ceramic. Concrete surfaces also heat in the sun, heating a room in a house perfectly for winter. You’d think a heater was on!

Costs and application

Concrete being a very cheap material, it can be a cost-effective solution as long as you do not choose a complicated style or finish. Tiles are usually slightly (to a lot) more expensive. The very attractive feature of concrete resurfacing is that it can be applied on top of existing floors, requiring less effort and making it more time-efficient and cost-effective.


Even though this is something you might not think about now, considering the options for the future could be relevant (for example, when you get tired of your existing floors and want a brand new design). With tiling, one needs to take off the tiles, find a way to get rid of them and then relevel the floors before even thinking of a new floor. In contrast, you can easily apply a new coating of concrete on top of the current tiles, stone or concrete.

Are you ready to choose between tiling and concrete resurfacing? Both options offer a wide variety of designs for the perfect fit in your home. While both products are pretty similar in certain ways, concrete resurfacing has the edge on application, comfort, maintenance and durability.

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