Best Floors For Your Home

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Best Floors For Your Home

Hands Down – The best floors for your home

If your flooring is looking a little tired, perhaps it’s time to renovate. When deciding what type of flooring to install at your home, there are enough different possibilities to make your head spin. That means you’ll have to make some decisions as to what types of new flooring would make the best floors for your property. You could choose carpet, tiles, vinyl or floating timber to name a few options. These are among the first choices most people think of. However, have you ever thought of concrete resurfacing or epoxy coating for replacing all or some of your floor coverings? This is extremely suitable for outdoors around your pool, patio or your driveway.


Best Floors For Your Home

Concrete resurfacing

If your concrete floor has minor wear from continual use over time, it is possible to resurface it, so it doesn’t have to be completely removed and replaced. Considering the cost for every type of flooring, you’ll find that resurfacing your concrete floor to be very cost effective because of this. It is obviously quicker than replacing the concrete so that you can have a new floor in a fraction of the time. Please keep in mind that concrete resurfacing is not a suitable option for concrete that is highly damaged with cracks or gouges as the resurfacing cover only goes to a depth of around 1.27 centimetres.

First, the minor holes and cracks are fixed with a repair material. Then the concrete is resurfaced with a combination of thin cement overlay and a bonding agent. This mixture is then put on top of the existing cement floor to form a smooth, durable new surface. If a smooth plain appearance doesn’t appeal to you, there are a plethora of decorative finishes that can be applied. You can choose from different colours, textures and patterns which will add character and beauty to your floor. Select from mosaic, tile, wood, slate, acid staining or stone-like patterns.


Best Floors For Your Home

Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy resin coating is suitable not only for industrial and commercial buildings, but it is also perfect for your garage. Epoxy is at home as it is in any commercial building. It is one of the most durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean floor coverings available. When placed on new concrete it will protect it from stains, grease and the possibility of cracking.

What exactly is epoxy flooring? Epoxy is made up of resins mixed with hardeners that form a hard-plastic material by a process of chemical reaction. The epoxy coating provides a seamless, smooth finish available in a seemingly endless array of colours, designs and textures to give your home a very modern and stylish look.

If you aren’t experienced in either concrete resurfacing or epoxy finishing, it is best to contact the experts at The Coating Company on 0499 852 473 with any questions and for a FREE quote.