Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

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Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

5 Best benefits of epoxy flooring

Floors are something most of us take for granted. They’re there, they serve a practical purpose, but we rarely pay attention to them. At least we don’t until they start to ware. We must use them every day, we just don’t give it a second thought. Once the wear and tear starts, we can’t help but notice. Replacing your floor can be an expensive job, but there are some affordable resurfacing options. An old floor can be transformed with the right resurfacing choice. One great option is epoxy flooring.

Here are 5 benefits of epoxy flooring.

  1. Strength & durability

Once the epoxy has been applied, it doesn’t take long to set. In 24 hours, you can walk on the floor, and within 48 hours you can drive a car on it. Once the set time has clicked over, these new epoxy floors will be super strong and impact resistant. That makes it the ideal surface for industrial settings. It’s used on driveways, walkways, as well as industrial and residential garages.

  1. Resistant to damage

Concrete floors can become pitted over time. This is a common issue for floors regularly exposed to corrosive materials. That can be avoided with an epoxy applied before the surface wares down. These floors are highly resistant to damage. In turn, has made it an extremely popular choice on warehouse floors where flooring is subjected to bumps and knocks.

 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

  1. Long lasting

Most flooring will hold up against some abuse, but that doesn’t last long. Within a few months they start to break down. An epoxy coating fills in the little imperfections in your floor. It creates a solid surface that stands up to the test of time. You won’t have to reapply a new coating every year. It will easily last 2 or 3 years between applications, depending on floor traffic.

  1. Mix it up with patterns

Some people are happy with a plain surface, but for the rest of us, a little personality is a good thing. With an epoxy floor, you can choose from an array of different patterns.  Options include: swirls, checkers, offsetting colors and geometric shapes. These patterns turn a normal floor into a talking point that catches every visitor’s attention.  Different patterns can also be applied to different sections of a building depending on its use.

  1. Different color options

There are many options you can choose from when you decide to go with an epoxy floor. Sure, you can stay with a plain grey colour, but why not mix things up a bit. Bright colors such as yellow and light blue can brighten the mood of employees and visitors. Why not think outside the box.

Flooring shouldn’t be an afterthought. The right floor adds appeal and it can save a business money over the long term. Yes, they are a practical item, but we spend most of our time using them. There’s probably no other part of a building that gets as much work as the floor. It makes sense to choose one that will last a long time and brighten the surroundings.

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